about verb-o-matic

verb-o-matic is an open source web application designed to assist people in learning foreign languages online. it currently features two kinds of exercises: simple vocabulary training, and identification of verb forms.

system requirements

you need an up-to-date browser to use verb-o-matic properly. i recommend to use firefox >=2.0. you need to have javascript enabled, but you don't need cookies. there are some known issues with older browser like internet explorer 5 or safari 2.


please note that there may still be many issues with verb-o-matic, in both the code and the content. please report any issues you find to the bugtracker.


you are more than welcome to contribute to verb-o-matic! please check out the source code and the data on the project page at google. all content of the exercises are in plain utf-8 encoded text files, which should make it hopefully easy for you to design your own exercises, if you wish to do so.


concept, design & code: luzius thöny (lucius dot antonius at gmail dot com)
icons: courtesy of the Tango Icon Gallery. sound recordings: from wikipedia. thanks to the following recorders:

  • Peter Isotalo
  • Denelson83
  • TheMexican
the sound files are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License / Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.

code license

the code is licensed under the GPL3.

content license

all content created by me is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.

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